Jerry Mahaffey Auctioneer, Inc. specializes in on-site Storage Auctions in Florida and Georgia and has proudly served buyers and the storage industry for over 20 years. Storage auctions are secure and simple and at Mahaffey Auction we make it easy for you to “get excited when you buy!”

We know that our buyers are looking for great deals and that our storage facilities are looking to recoup funds from defaulted units. In an effort to please both sets of customers, we strive to quickly, efficiently, honestly and with integrity, execute each transaction with the highest level of professionalism.

  • Estate auctions. We provide an outlet for estate executors to auction any items in an estate. These items might include furniture, automobiles, art or any other high-quality items that would draw interest in an auction setting.
  • Auction subcontracting. We subcontract our auctioneer services to other auctions that need an auctioneer or “ring man” to catch bids. We handle live auctions both onsite and offsite, with the ability to incorporate Internet bidding.
  • Automobile auctions. Cars that are left abandoned on highways, police-confiscated cars or vehicles from estate sales are common auction items.
  • Charity and benefit auctions. Are you looking for an easy-to-use service to host a benefit auction for your nonprofit organization or a charity of your choice? JMAuctioneer is happy to assist your group.
  • Business liquidation auctions. When businesses go through liquidation, a bank or creditor must find a way to dispose of that business’s property. JMAuctioneer hosts these auctions using an efficient, easy-to-navigate format.